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Amazon APASS Program

Revolutionizing Packaging Certification for Sustainable E-commerce

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, and packaging is crucial for ensuring product safety, reducing waste, and improving the customer experience. Amazon created the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) program to simplify packaging certification and promote sustainability. L&E International Ltd. is a founding member of the APASS program and has become a leading provider of certified packaging testing services in India and the United States.

Amazon APASS Member

L&E is an Amazon APASS Member 

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Certified Packaging Testing Labs

L&E International operates certified APASS packaging testing laboratories, which are integral to the APASS program. These cutting-edge facilities are well-equipped with advanced testing equipment and staffed by experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of packaging standards and regulations. L&E International conducts thorough testing to assist sellers in ensuring that their packaging adheres to Amazon's guidelines for protective performance, appropriate packaging size, and use of sustainable materials. By certifying packaging solutions through L&E International's testing labs, sellers can gain a competitive advantage, reduce packaging waste, and contribute to a more sustainable e-commerce 

Understanding the APASS Program

Amazon has established the APASS program to ensure that products sold on its platform are packaged securely and sustainably. The program provides a variety of resources, such as packaging design guidelines, testing protocols, and certification requirements, to help sellers comply with Amazon's packaging standards. By obtaining certification for their packaging through APASS, sellers can improve the visibility of their listings, minimize the risk of product damage, and ultimately provide a superior customer experience.

The Role of L&E International as a Founding Member of Amazon APASS 

L&E International Ltd. has been a pioneer in promoting sustainable packaging practices in the e-commerce industry since its inception as a founding member of the APASS program. L&E International specializes in providing comprehensive packaging testing services that meet Amazon's high standards. With certified APASS packaging testing labs located in India and the United States, L&E International ensures that packaging solutions are thoroughly evaluated for factors such as durability, compatibility with the supply chain, and adherence to environmental regulations.

Benefits of the APASS Program

Helps sellers optimize their packaging, ensuring that products are adequately protected during transportation, reducing the risk of damage, returns, and customer dissatisfaction.

APASS boosts sales potential on Amazon with certified packaging that grabs attention and makes your products stand out. Increases visibility and discoverability to attract more customers and grow your business.

The APASS program promotes sustainable packaging through the use of recyclable materials, right-sizing packages, and eco-friendly solutions, in line with global efforts to reduce environmental impact.

The Amazon APASS program, with L&E International as a founding member, has revolutionized e-commerce packaging. L&E provides certified packaging testing services, ensuring sellers meet Amazon's standards, promoting sustainability and customer experience. APASS drives positive change in the industry.

What is SIOC?

SIOC, or "Ships in Own Container," is Amazon's packaging concept to enhance sustainability in e-commerce. SIOC packaging protects products during transport without the need for extra materials. This reduces waste and streamlines the fulfillment process, improving efficiency and promoting sustainable practices.

Packaging before and after SIOC solutions

Packaging example by L&E International Ltd.

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Reduces Waste

SIOC packaging reduces material waste by eliminating the need for secondary packaging, benefiting the environment and helping companies optimize their supply chains.


Streamlines Process

SIOC packaging streamlines the e-commerce packaging process, reducing time, labor, and costs. It also leads to more efficient transportation with smaller and lighter shipments, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This promotes sustainability in the logistics sector.


Enhances Customer Experience

SIOC packaging enhances customer experience by providing a cleaner and visually appealing package. It ensures optimal product protection during transit, reducing returns and customer dissatisfaction, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SIOC packaging is designed to be in line with environmental goals and sustainability initiatives. It encourages the use of recyclable materials and promotes the creation of packaging that is compatible with existing recycling systems. By reducing excessive packaging and prioritizing sustainable materials, SIOC packaging helps to decrease the environmental impact associated with the entire packaging lifecycle. It supports the circular economy by enabling the efficient use of resources and minimizing waste generation.

Amazon's SIOC packaging presents a significant improvement in the e-commerce industry. It offers sustainable benefits by reducing material waste, streamlining the shipping process, and enhancing the overall customer experience. The use of recyclable materials aligns with sustainability goals, optimizes transportation efficiency, and contributes to the circular economy. As more companies adopt SIOC packaging, we should expect to see further reductions in packaging waste, improved supply chain efficiency, and a more sustainable approach to e-commerce fulfillment.

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