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ISTA certified laboratory

Design & Engineering

Our world-class team of designers and

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Innovative Packaging Solutions 

Trust L&E International for all your packaging needs - our global expertise in design and engineering makes us the perfect partner.


Smart Packaging

Packaging design is crucial for a product's success. Smart design enhances visual appeal and saves costs by reducing packaging size. Manufacturers save on production and logistics expenses by optimizing materials and dimensions.


Cost Savings

Smaller packaging sizes mean lower production costs and optimized transportation efficiency. This results in significant logistics savings as more products fit in fewer trips, reducing fuel consumption and shipping costs. Smart design prioritizing compactness and efficiency benefits both manufacturers and consumers.


Unique Designs

Packaging design can delight consumers and create a memorable unboxing experience. Unique and innovative designs catch the eye and make the product stand out. Colors, textures, and graphics can evoke emotions. Elements of surprise, like hidden compartments or interactive features, enhance the brand experience and leave a lasting impression.

We work with some amazing brands.
It's super satisfying to know we are helping them
reduce costs and meet their sustainability goals.

Sean Murphy
Chief Marketing Officer
L&E International Ltd.

Cutting Edge and Eco-Friendly Designs 

Brand packaging

ISTA Certification

The design of packaging is crucial in meeting the standards set by
the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).

ISTA certification validates that the packaging can withstand the rigors of the supply chain, protecting the product from damage during transportation. By carefully engineering the packaging structure and selecting appropriate materials, companies can minimize product breakage and returns, thereby reducing costs associated with damaged goods.


Integrating smart design principles, packaging design, and engineering can save money at various stages of the product's lifecycle. From the production floor to transportation and, ultimately the end consumer, thoughtful packaging design optimizes costs while enhancing the overall brand experience. As the market becomes more competitive, companies prioritizing efficient and visually appealing packaging will have a distinct advantage in terms of cost savings and customer satisfaction.

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